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Cameron Horner Ministries

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On Aug.11th, 2011, while on a lake vacation with family, Cameron had a diving accident which resulted in a broken neck and injured spinal cord that left him paralyzed from the chest down.

Watch his story, as featured on the 700 Club, to see how Cameron has used this accident to lead others to Christ and making Him known in all his encounters.


I’m Cameron

On August 11, 2011, Cameron’s diving accident resulted in a spinal cord injury and immediate paralysis; Cameron couldn’t move his body. But Cameron called out to the Lord for rescue from the waters of the lake, and, at the last moments, Cameron was pulled to the surface by his friend, Christina.

Because of the work that God did before, during, and after this injury, a ministry began as churches, schools, and other groups began asking Cameron to come share his journey of faith and perseverance. Cameron has a unique take on suffering and desires for the church to grow in their understanding of how to relate to the pain that we all experience in life.

Cameron also has a heart for helping churches with the topic of disability. He has experienced the good and the not so good when it comes to church tolerance, accessibility, messaging, etc., and is a resource for churches and other organizations as they desire to better understand how to minister to the disabled community.

Cameron‘s heart is to use his story to strengthen faith and stir a passion for God in the hearts of people. He desires that all people know the goodness of the God that he knows and has encountered. God has given Cameron great peace and joy through the years as he has continued to minister in a different way than he had planned before this injury. Cameron’s primary driving encouragement is the hope of the return of Jesus to restore all things, including Cameron’s body! This hope saturates everything he does, including ministry!


What We Are Doing

Local Speaking and Teaching

Cameron was called by God to share his story of God’s faithfulness after his diving accident in 2011. To this end, Cameron travels locally and abroad to share his journey, to speak on disabilities more generally, or to preach from the Scriptures.


Ministry in India and Pakistan

After journeying to India in 2018 for a series of Gospel crusades and pastor’s conferences, Cameron Horner Ministries adopted an orphanage and ministry team there, affectionately called “Cameron Horner Ministries India,” by the locals. Since 2018 and especially during the pandemic, tens of thousands of people have been reached with life saving resources and have heard the Gospel of Jesus. The newest project that the India team has begun is outreach to women in sex trafficking and prostitution. By purchasing sowing machines for these women and training them to use them, CHM India is helping these women to find a new life and has begun discipling them into the way of Jesus.

In Pakistan, CHM has partnered with a local Christian school and teacher to do similar outreach.

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