In this verse we see a basic Christian truth and belief being practiced. When you have needs, bring them to God in prayer. The Church was small in these days, and one of the leaders, the Apostle Peter, was in prison most likely facing death. So how did the Church respond? Did they riot? Did they sit around and worry? No, when the situation got bad, they prayed!

If you notice in the verse above there is a specific word that describes the way that the Church was praying for Peter. The word is earnest! The Church was praying earnestly to Father God.

If we keep reading on in this chapter we get to see what can happen when earnest prayer is lifted up to God by His people. We see that Peter gets delivered!

Literally, an angel from God appears in the jail cell with Peter and wakes him up. Then the angel makes the chains fall off of him, and opens every shut door as he walks Peter all the way to safety! Talk about a response! Peter didn’t even believe it was real until he was outside and realized that he wasn’t dreaming!

Let me finish with this. As we read these things about Peter and the Church, or as we read any scripture, I want to remind us of the fact that this actually happened. Peter was actually in prison! The Church was actually praying! Peter was actually rescued! Take a moment to pause and let that sink in!

As you ponder this account from the word of God, let faith rise up in your heart! Faith in who Jesus is! Faith in the goodness of God! And faith that your prayers are being heard by a good good father! He always responds in the way that is best! So always pray!

I recently heard this prayer from an old Saint: “Lord, prepare my heart to receive Your answer.” He is always good and His answers are always good too! Let us pray!